Housing Loan
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Housing Loan
Housing Loan

Own your dream house and choose the offer that suits you more

Housing loan in collaboration with the public corporation for housing
Loan features
  • House types: Principal, finished house, total surface area (living section) should not exceed 200m2.
  • Loan currency: LBP
  • Max. Loan amount: LBP 270 millions
  • Loan Period:Up to 30 years
  • Down payment required:Up to 20%
  • Monthly payment:a maximum of 1/3 of the monthly income.
Eligible Applicant profile
  • Age:minimum 21 years old and capable to pay up to 75% of the loan and interest before reaching 64 years old.
  • Minimum working experience: a minimum of 2 years in the same field.
  • Nationality: Resident/ Lebanese since 10 years
  • Family monthly income should not exceed the LL 6,750,000.
  • The applicant or his spouse/ husband should not already own a house within 25 km of their work location.

*The bank has the full right to reject any demand after study.

Interest and commissions
  • Interest rate:Variable, renewable every 2 years, based on 20% of 2-year Lebanese Treasury Bill rate + 3.5%.
  • Commissions: 1% of the loan amount paid once to the bank.
  • Estimation fees: LBP 200,000 paid once to the designated expert.
  • Life insurance fees paid yearly
  • Fire insurance fees paid yearly
Distinctive features and advantages
  • No registration fees
  • No mortgage fees
  • No stamp fees
Housing loans in LBP for residents and non – residents supported by BDL
  • Open ceiling, no pre-defined maximum loan amount
  • No restrictions regarding the house conditions and dimensions
  • Down payment of 25%
  • Loan period: between 7 to 20 years.
  • Interest rate based on 40% of the one year LBP TB + 3%
Fenicia bank housing loan
Special conditions and rates tailored on a case by case basis
Also available
  • Military housing loans: interested militants should check with the army housing section.
  • Judge housing loans: interested judges should check with judge collaboration fund.