Short Term Funding
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Short Term Funding
Short Term Funding

When cash flow is tight, you need a flexible way to manage short-term borrowing.

We recognize your business financial needs to deal with unanticipated expenditure and bills and we acknowledge the challenges business face. Our short-term lending solutions will ensure that short term funding at the best conditions is available when your business needs it.

A business overdraft, a short and medium term commercial loan, direct discounted bills or any other solution- our expert team will assist you in tailoring the terms of the loan to suit your needs and match your business plans.

Features and Benefits
  • You can borrow the amount that suits your needs and matches your plans and expected cash flows.
  • Pay it back over 36 months with the possibility to extend the settlement period.
  • Settle with fixed or variable payments to match your cash flows.
  • Pay interest charges only when you start using your credit lines.
  • Available in all major currencies.
  • Security may be required.
Eligible applicants
Individuals, professionals, companies and investors in all active economic sectors as trade and services, commercial real estate and construction, manufacturing, agriculture, finance and consumption…